A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Software Solutions for Financial Transactions and Reporting

The rapid development of companies in recent years and the implementation of a significant number of financial transactions have placed it in front of the need to automate internal processes and provide additional information services, and, in the future, create a single information space for the entire corporation. So, what are the best software solutions for arranging financial operations?

Virtual data room: how to run financial deals efficiently and securely?

New technologies are reshaping the financial services industry, actively replacing traditional players and business models. Integrating new financial solutions allows you to change the consumption structure, reduce the cost of certain functionality, and improve business efficiency and quality. As a result, the financial technology industry is gradually becoming an independent, intensively developing sector of the modern economy.

In addition, in the era of total digitalization, the problem of cybersecurity, protection of personal data, and identification and authentication of a person in the information space when making financial transactions relevant. So, according to IBM research, security is more important for users than service convenience. At the same time, the main preference is given to biometrics and multi-factor authentication. At the moment, there is active development in this direction. All these points indicate that modern companies need secure digital solutions for organizing financial transactions.

What are the best data room vendors for the financial industry?

Currently, the global market for technology solutions for the financial sector is one of the fastest growing in the world. Virtual data rooms in this niche occupy leading positions. The

So, the most preferred data room solution for realizing financial transactions are:

    • iDeals
    • Firmex
    • Digify
    • Ansarada
    • Citrix.

Common financial transactions where data room is obligatory

The virtual data room is mostly used for the following financial operations:

    • Fundraising is an essential part of the activities of a startup and large corporations as it is the way to grow the business. Even those who are far from the company at all times know that convincing investor is not an easy task. Likewise, collecting donations requires a large amount of data and the constant exchange of information. In this case, with the help of a virtual data room, companies simplify all complex processes and actions that must be completed successfully.
    • The IPO deals also require attention and further efforts as companies take on additional responsibilities, often at the state level. It should be noted that this transaction requires increased transparency for the public and shareholders. To victoriously complete all phases and achieve a successful result, the partners are obliged to do a thorough preparation with documents, and the virtual data room serves as a practical tool for the execution of such tasks.
    • A constant and secure exchange of files is unquestionably required during M&A transactions. It is another way to swallow data room that speeds up the processes and properly frees up partners’ time for more important tasks like time-consuming paperwork.